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Know-how across industries



We work for the medical sector. Products are manufactured to current FDA standards.

We’ve made:

Instrument trays, compartmented tray, catheter spigots, forceps, kidney dishes, lotion bowls, feeder beakers & lids, gallipots, syringe luer mounts, medicine measures.


We’re experienced in producing all types of plastic parts for the electrical engineering sector.

We’ve made:

Switch box casings, components, strip light casings, plates and fittings.


For the building sector, we produce quality components to precise performance standards.

We’ve made:

Door and window latches, internal parts to glazed units, gutter leaf guards, hinges, pipe fittings and traps, tubs and lids


We supply plastic parts used in products for the retail environment.

We’ve made:

Roll cage hooks, release buckles, ladderlock buckles, slides, clips, tube handles,


We’ve provided packaging components for oil and car care product manufacturers.

We’ve made:

Lids, caps, applicators, bottles


We work for office supply companies producing plastic components.

We’ve made:

Ink stamps complete with handles, mounts and plates


We support manufacturers of large scale plant and equipment.

We’ve made:

Bearing blocks, small, medium and large


We’re experienced in providing products for the packaging industry.

We’ve made:

Plastic lids, applicators, bottles, tubs