25 to 260 tonne machines

R&G Mouldings manufacture injection moulded components and products, using engineering and commodity thermoplastics. We work to a four-six week turnaround as standard and deliver across the UK.

Our mould shop has 16 injection moulding machines from 25 to 260 tonnes and our toolroom is equipped with a milling machine, power saw, drills and grinders. It means we can provide single-impression moulding up to 24-impression production and overmoulding, as well as component assembly. Finished items are bagged, boxed and labelled, under your branding if required.

We can work with existing tooling or create high quality tooling for you. We produce tools from hardened steel to ensure consistent shot quality for large scale production runs. We also create prototype tools for trials or short runs using alternatives such as aluminium, which we guarantee up to a specific production volume.

  • 1 Negri Bossi NB 25 tonne
  • 1 Arburg 270-75-250, 25 tonne
  • 1 Arburg 220-90-350, 35 tonne
  • 1 Negri Bossi NB dimigraphic 40 tonne
  • 1 Negri Bossi NB 60 tonne dimigraphic
  • 2 Negri Bossi NB 65 tonne
  • 1 Negri Bossi NB 80 tonne dimi EL
  • 1 Negri Bossi NB 80 tonne
  • 1 Negri Bossi NB 125 tonne
  • 3 Negri Bossi NB 110 tonne
  • 2 Negri Bossi NB 175 tonne
  • 1 Negri Bossi NB 260 tonne dimigraphic

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